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Your timber pieces are lightweight and delicate. Remember, it's wood - so please don't get them wet.

When washing hands, showering or swimming: remove your jewellery pieces and set aside in a safe place.

Also be careful as the fabric (especially lighter colours) can become dirty if not treated with care.  It is advisable to apply your make-up first, and then put on any timber earrings. I've been a little liberal with my foundation brush and then brushed over some stud earrings - not great!

May your week be filled with flowers, li


Your white porcelain jewellery is lightweight and easy to wear. With proper care, these pieces should give you many years of joy!

Note that with any ceramic / porcelain pieces, one side will be unglazed (glaze is basically fine glass that melts and seals the piece. We can't glaze the underside, as it will then melt onto the shelf in the kiln!). So the back of your piece is unglazed and porous - thus be careful with water. It is best to remove any porcelain jewellery before swimming, showering etc. You don't want water to enter the porous surface, as it can then 'pop' off the findings.


- do not sleep with your jewellery on

- do not bath, shower or swim with your jewellery on

- keep separate from other jewellery and in a safe place

- be careful not to drop your porcelain jewellery on to tiles or hard surfaces